About Bridgeburg Furniture – “BF”:


Bridgeburg Furniture is named after the Historic Fort Erie than down town made as “Bridgeburg District”

Bridgeburg Historic District is located in a picturesque setting in the north end of Fort Erie overlooking the Niagara River just five kilometers from the Peace Bridge (the major entry point from Canada to the USA).

Bridgeburg Historic District came into existence in 1873 when the International Railroad Bridge was created, an important link between Canada and the United States and has recently been re-branded to the Bridgeburg Historic District.   BF was founded in 2021 by Kiran Katta, the BF Company started out as a  Décor, Accent Furniture  and merchandise retailer store in the historic town of Fort Erie, Ontario.


Our History:


Two decades ago, a young Kiran Katta left her native land to seek her fortune in Canada. After a few years of extensive job search throughout GTA, she settled into the safe city Mississauga, Ontario.

The largest growing city in GTA was a busy and prosperous one with large immigrant landing in Mississauga and Brampton Ontario.

Ms. Katta began her career as an interior designing & selling furniture at Laz-Y-Boy Furniture Gallery, Brampton corporate showroom.

After, working 15 years with Laz-y-Boy, Kiran than moved to Stoney Creek, Ontario and started working with Stoney Creek Furniture, which is one of the Largest Furniture Showroom in Ontario.    

Ms. Katta saved enough of her hard-earned salary/commissions, she bought a mid-size commercial  building in the historic Town of Fort Erie and “The Bridgeburg Furniture” Company was born in 2021.


Our Brand, Product & Services:


Bridgeburg Furniture will offer customized, ready-to-finish Canadian made furniture that’s completely designed made in Canada and surprisingly affordable.

Bridgeburg Furniture consists mostly of self-designed furniture, more of modern Accent furniture which caters all age group customers mostly young families and middle-aged group families.

Our target customers are young families and young adults and Senior Citizens with modest incomes who are looking for the same selection and quality that the high-end customer receives.

Each piece is unique and designed to meet our customer needs and requirements from the finest designed Canadian Furniture Industry which are built to last for generations.


2) Customer Care:


Contact Information:


87 Jarvis Street,

Fort Erie, Ontario

L2A 2S3


Contact Numbers:


Land Line: 289-320-9200

What’s up Number: 289-320-9200

Mobile Number: 647-939-2215


3) Delivery:


Delivery with Peace of Mind

Yes that’s right! At “BF” we strive to ensure that getting your purchase to you is made as easy and accessible as possible. That’s why we offer FREE* local delivery for ALL orders!

BF delivers all orders on weekly bases, quickly and efficiently and on the week-end for customer convenience i.e., Saturday.

We offer our top of-the-line delivery service with a full customer satisfaction.


4) Installation


BF, professional installer’s install & assemble the furniture and accent décor items such as dinette’s, office desk, dressing tables, coffee tables, end tables and many more accessories.

We care our customer satisfaction and save the time and hassle of searching for an installation company.

We have very competitive price billed for professional installation.


5) Financing:


BF works with third party financing companies and get financing arrangements made for our loyal customers.

Instant financing is now available at Bridgeburg Furniture! Finance your purchases and take advantage of the best interest rates for good / bad credit records with monthly payment plans.